Monday, November 12, 2007

The Mike and Juliet Show

Well today was the big day...... Mike and Juliet aired a segment on diet scams and Kimkins was the hot topic. They went into about how the site had fake before/after pics and how the founder of the diet was obese. Singing Lass and TT were there to "defend" Heidi and the diet. One of the best parts is when TT was confronted by the Dietician. That Dietician just let her have it!!! NUTRITIONALIST????!!! Christin and Deni did a wonderful job. We are all so proud of them.

But now I would like to share with you somemore random BS from inside the Kimpound:

Dear Kimkins Members,
OK, so it's time to come clean. In view of recent events and the feedback I've received from members, I've decided to set a few things straight. Those of you who know me are well aware I'm a private person and prefer to remain that way. However, that doesn't seem to be in the cards. So, let's put a few burning questions to rest:

Q: Who is Kimmer?
A: Heidi Diaz

Q: Why the drama, denial and hiding?
A: For the past 10 years it was to avoid an invasion of my own privacy. However, for the past 3 years it was to protect the identity of my foster children. California foster regulations prohibit foster parents from making statements that would identify children as "foster", even by association. Identifying myself which could lead to my home address or identifying me in public could identify them.

Q: Did you lose 198 pounds in 11 months?
A: No. But I did lose 100 pounds in 6 months. However, since Kimkins appeared on the Woman's World cover, I've been glued to my computer. I'm no different than any of you and I'm well familiar with stress eating or grabbing what's handy instead of what's Kimkins friendly.

Q: So you've regained the weight?
A: Yes, but I've been back on Kimkins for 2 weeks and have lost 23 pounds so far. I gain fast and I lose fast, that's how it's always been. I'll be experimenting and rotating with each option except Cycling because that will be too much temptation for me. I'm a lifelong dieter and I know what a free week (or weekend) will do to my willpower.

Q: What about the model photos in some of the Success Stories?
A: The majority of our earliest Success Stories were from another website and we couldn't take those with us. We wanted to show visitors the possibilities with Kimkins. So, while we built up our newest batch, I created stories which were a compilation of previous successes that people had shared with me over the past 10 years. We're extremely proud of all of our members (paid and unpaid) who have experienced weight loss success.

Q: You have been photographed without hair. Did Kimkins do that?
A: Absolutely not. I developed alopecia universalis 23 years ago. It is an autoimmune disease that causes total body hair loss. Our family has cluster autoimmune conditions. Mine are alopecia, hypothyroidism and eczema. Other family members also include alopecia plus type 1 diabetes type 1, multiple sclerosis, lupus, eczema and rheumatoid arthritis. Autoimmune is when your body attacks itself and destroys certain functions. Most people with an autoimmune condition develop more than one. If one person in a family develops an autoimmune condition, other family members tend to develop them.

Q: What about the people who joined Kimkins because you said you lost 198 pounds in 11 months or because of the success story re-enactments?
A: I offer my sincere apology to anyone who felt misled or joined purely on that basis. That was never our intent. Kimkins will provide a refund and membership cancellation upon request to anyone who joined Kimkins prior to November 1, 2007. Please write support@kimkins.con This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it by November 16, 2007 and provide your full name, current or former user name, PayPal transaction number and PayPal email address.

Q: What about the people who want to continue with Kimkins?
A: A lifetime membership is lifetime. You're here and that's permanent! In fact, I'm going to be part of the "Watch Us Lose" models on the homepage and will update my stats each week, add updated photos and post in the Kimmer's Back on Track Challenge. I will lose my weight all over again and everyone is welcome to lose right alongside me. I had baseline medical tests done a few weeks ago and will share both my starting and final results once I reach goal which I hope to be around my birthday in May 2008.

Q: Will we ever meet "Kimmer"?
A: I'm going to do my best. I truly am a shy person who prefers to stay in the background, but a Kimkins Cruise is planned for Summer 2008 and I'll be there to meet & greet everyone! We will be asking members for feedback on local meet-ups as well so everyone has a chance to meet me and network with other Kimkinites! Support is everything in successful long term weight loss.

Q: Anything else?
A: Kimkins works. I have offered my internet style of Kimkins diet advice for 10 years. It was hugely successful which is why Kimkins became popular. My first 8 years were 100% voluntary and I even turned down gifts. My goal has always been for people to learn the very simple and very effective basics of quick weight loss. This remains our focus today. Anyone who wants a refund and cancellation, please let us know. Everyone who wants to stick with Kimkins -- well, what are you waiting for? Let's do it! I've got, uh ... a couple of pounds to lose myself and I could use some support!

Q: What about starting a Kimmer Challenge?
A: Excellent! Let's do it! I'm setting up the Kimmer's Back on Track Challenge thread, so come on over and say "Hi!"

From Kimmer.....

Hey Everyone!
Well, hello everyone! Long time no see! As most of you know I took a break to work on other Kimkins projects, but now I'm back to posting.First things first. As most of you also probably know a lawsuit has been filed against Kimkins and me. I've been asked to not comment about the litigation, but I promise I'll post as many details as I'm allowed once everything is settled. Second things second. Did I regain weight? Yes. Happens to the best of us and it's happened to me a few times. I've lost 100+ pounds several times. No diet works if you don't stay on it. I'm no different than anyone else I lose fast and I gain fast -- just the luck of the draw for me. There will be a more indepth explanation on the front page this morning.Meanwhile, I'm back on track! I've been back on Kimkins 2.5 weeks and have lost 23 pounds. I'll be appearing on the front page with 3 other brave souls and you can track our weight loss in real time! You all know SingingLass who has already lost 100+ pounds with Kimkins, plus our husband & wife team of Brian & Heather!I'll be posting in my Personal Journal and on the forums, plus I'll be updating my weight each week. We'll be updating photos periodically.By all means see Jeannie & Singing Lass on the Mike & Juliet show. It would seem that sides were already picked and swords drawn. Now we know how Dr. Atkins must have felt! I'm very proud of Jeannie & Del and I think they did a wonderful job!
Re:Kimmer's Back on Track Challenge!

OK, now for the the Challenge. Here's my thoughts:1) Anyone who's mad at me for regaining, I challenge you to join and lose just to spite me.2) Anyone who understand lapses, stress and regaining, I challenge you to join and lose to support me. Either way, we're all going to be winners and thinners. Hey, a rhyme! I think it would be great if everyone personalized their challenge and how they want to do it.Here's mine:I've got 100+ pounds to lose (for like the 5th time) plus I got my _base_line blood work done a few weeks ago I found out I have type 2 diabetes! Me!!! Now this brings everything into a new light. I'd had been watching diabetes TV shows in general ... now I'm studying them and doing my own research.One thing I know is this is very serious and I can't screw around.Also, my birthday is May 10th and I will be 50 years old. It's my goal to reach goal by that date. What is my goal weight? I'll know it when I see it, but in the 130-150'ish range probably. I'm big boned and that will be good for me.My stats are on the front page for the world to see. I'll be updating stats there once a week and photos "whenever". It takes quite a bit of weight loss for me to "look" different.OK, who's with me?

This woman is so full of lies that they pour out like water from her lips. I can not believe even after this, there are still people who support her!!!!!!!! I hope that after all of this there is a large number of people from her site that leave. I know how hard it is to find a new home online, but trust me, I left and I have found many wonderful sites. For anyone with questions about this entire issue with Ms Diaz, please take the time to go to LCF and check out their fascination with Kimmer threads. The women there are sure to open your eyes and support you if you need it.