Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Last night I sat down and took some time ( alot of time) o read more links about the dangers of Kimkins. Oh how I wish that I had seen all of this a long time ago. If all of this information would have been public knowelege when I was first at Kimkins, I would have never joined. There is still somuch for me to still read and try to piece the puzzle together for myself. I am so glad to see that so many other people are posting their personal stories. I believe that one of the most important steps in healing is talking about the problem. It seems to lift a great deal off your shoulders when you can share you thoughts and feelings. It is also an amazing feeling when you read other posts from similar situations and realize you are not alone. I am not saying it is a good feeling to know other people were damage. What I do mean is that it is good to know that you are not alone and you can reach out to others that are sharing your experiances and you can form a new web of support for each other. With this, there is also a slight negitive side also. You tend to get the nay sayers and people who will do anything to run you and your situation into the ground with snide catty remarks.

The people that are still out there defending this diet and the insane woman behind it are just as evil and heartless as Kimmer. I ask you this:
  1. How can you live with yourself when you know that the woman behind the plan is a fraud?
  2. When you see the red dress picture, do you wonder who it really is?
  3. The paycheck you recieve from Kimkins, is it really enough money in exchange for your soul?
  4. How can you sleep at night when you know you are putting at risk the health of so many Women, mothers, daughters and "friends"
  5. How much more proof do you need to make you open your eyes to the fact that Kimmer is an insane, obese money scamming liar?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm shocked to see that my blog has some outside attention. It was something I started to work on and just ran out of time and figured it was no big deal because it wasn't like anyone was reading it. My how that has changed. I will continue to work on my blog, but forgive me if I do not update everyday. Some days, life has a way of taking up time in the real world . I want to thank everyone for their heart felt comments. But one comment was beyond me. I would never go onto someones blog if I didn't know them and post such harsh rude words. I was going to delete it, but I figured it was best to leave the comment. To the person that posted it... I hope it makes you feel proud and bigger than life when you try to belittle someone and their experiences. You don't know me and the way you have tried to judge me just shows how insecure you really are. It saddens me to know that someone who tries to spew hate and lies is really hurting on the inside. I would guess that the hurting you are having is your battle in your mind about the real truths of the whole Kimkins mess and the truths that you created and want so badly to believe. My hope for you is that one day you will let go of your false truths, find real answers and then begin the healing inside that you are in need of. I will not sink to a level that you seem to be sinking in. I will not criticize you or demean you. In my heart I hope that one day you find the inner peace and love that you will need to continue on with a happy life.

Monday, September 17, 2007

After a lot of soul searching and reading many things online, I think for a while one of my main topics here is going to have to be the Kimkins diet and web site. maybe I should start at the beginning.

I started to read about the Kimkins diet on LCF because it had all the info for free, but then I found Kimkin's web site. For a small price (or so it seemed) I could join their forum and have access to personal replies from "Kimmer" the fouder and woman who created the diet. She said that she had lost almost 200 pounds in something like less than a year and has managed to keep it off going on 6 years. Sounded wonderful and just what I needed. I paid my fee and joined. There were great friends made there, great admins ect. But I must say it bothered me when I read a lot of the advice given. I started following th plan and when I asked a question, most of the time it was someone ether than kimmer answering. Fine I could live with that. These people seemed to know what they were doing. I took everything at face value and yes I did drop pounds and at a rapid speed. But I was having side effects. If I were to ask about them, I was told This is normal... you are loosing so well, don't worry about the small things, everything will correct itself and you will be so much healthier skinny then when you were obese. I played this diet game for a little over 5 months and I have to say yes I lost a lot of weight, but I was not feeling at all healthy, fit or attractive. I had no energy, my hair was falling out and my Husband pretty much had to force me to eat and then I would feel the guilt after I ate. Looking back I now see that I was (and still am) dealing with an eating disorder I developed while doing Kimkins. The last starw was when I passed out at my child's soccer game and my Husband had to call 911. I spent 4 days in the hospital because I was dehydrated, my heart had an abnormal beat and I was made to meet with a nutritonalist counsler before they would release me. I was told that the way of eating that I was following would damage my heart, gall bladder, kidneys, brain function and hormonal levels along with a list of many other possible side effects if I kept it up. This was the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak. I was following this WOE to become helthy, to have more energy so I could chase my kids around and play with them, to feel more attractive and to improve myself.
But in the truth, I seen that I was damaging myself and those around me. Sure I lost over 70 pounds. but at what cost? I could hardly get out of bed some days. I was moody all the time. I couldn't give my Husband and children the attention they needed. Now 3 months later, I am still going to my doctor every few weeks and getting blood work done. I have had scans and tests on every part of my body (and it feels like my soul too) I am sure there is some damage done that can't be seen right now and it may show itself in the future. But even with the remains of the damage I had done I still see it when I look in the mirror everyday. Yes my hair is starting to grow back, but to deal with so much hair loss, I felt like a freak and didn't want to be seen by anyone. I lived in hats (and still do most of the time) So much of my life has been taken away by Kimkins, and all I wanted from it was to get my life back.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Let me introduce myself, I am Kendra aka Kenni. This is just my little piece of the web to comment and gather my thoughts, ideas, feelings ect. on what is going on in my world. I am a mother, a sister, a daughter,an aunt, a friend. I am any one of many labels at any given time. Some days I am creative, some days I am moody, some days a plainjane and others the ultimate diva, some days I am a star in my own drama and other days I like to blend into the crowd. I stand up for who I am and I what I believe. I am easy going but not a push over. I stand up for the cause and I tend to observe and learn when I do not know the full understanding of something.
I like a healthy debate and I think there are always many things to learn from most of them. I am an open person and can admit when I am wrong.

Please take the time to get to know me, and I am looking forward to getting to know you.