Saturday, April 12, 2008

Since you been gone.......

I have not posted in a while, I first felt like I was being invaded when I started my kimkins blog, and I couldn't handle what was going on. Some people are down right mean. I quit posting, but I have kept a journal almost daily of all the goings on in this mess. I feel that now is the time to start posting again, so it may take me a while to re-read my journals and post what I had written.

Just because I wasn't posting doesn't mean that I wasn't following everything. I have been a long time lurker at LCF and I try to read there daily. From time to time, I may post something, but it is still hard for me.

I hope that you will continue to read hear, even though most of the info I post will be old news, with current updates when I have the time.

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Nancy Ellyn said...

Hi Kenni! WElcome Back! Feel free to add my blog to your list!